Taking the vineyard* into the cloud

kerem hotel

In January 2020, the Kerem exclusive hotels chain added Elma, an arts complex luxury hotel, to its chain. They’ve found themselves with two separate IT environments that were extremely inefficient and hard to manage.

Eynav has managed the IT services for Elma during the past 7 years, with a remarkably high level of customer satisfaction. After a few months of working under two IT environments using two support teams, Kerem decided to combine the information technology services of all three hotels under Eynav’s hosting services and management.

The project included all phases, from specification and planning through successful implementation of brand-new Information technology infrastructure. The infrastructure includes The PMS (hotel management system), Back Office, email and security servers, and finally, a unified communication infrastructure for the entire hotel chain.

“Eynav has executed this complex project excellently with minimal down-time and with zero interruption to the ongoing hotel work. Eynav’s service is professional, devoted, and they keep striving for continuous improvement. They are a pleasure to work with”, said Anat Gil, CFO of Kerem.

*Kerem is vineyard in Hebrew

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