Professional Project Management

  • We manage both application projects and infrastructure projects.
  • We define a project as any CHANGE in the existing environment.
  • We manage small projects (tasks), as well as big projects.

Project Manager

  • Eynav nominates a professional Project Manager.
  • The Project Manager is the single point of contact for all parties.
  • The Project Manager defines the Scope of the project, creates and updates the project plan and sends periodic updates.

Project Goals and Scope

  • Defining the project goals and scope is key to success.
  • The Project Manager defines the scope of the project together with key stakeholders.
  • The Project Manager ensures that the project budget is managed, and all costs are covered.

Project Plan

  • Maintaining a project plan is highly important for the success of the project.
  • In the project plan we define tasks, activities, dates, dependencies and resources.
  • The plan is shared with all stakeholders and delivery owners.
  • Updates and reminders are sent periodically as needed.
  • The project plan is reviewed in project status meetings.