Remote Helpdesk

  • Using its own Helpdesk, Eynav provides remote support
  • Customers may log tickets using a ticketing system, phone calls, or WhatsApp
  • Eynav’s response time is defined by an agreed SLA with the customer
  • Our Helpdesk operates during regular working hours

7 X 24 X 365 Support

  • Critical incidents are covered 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Our support team (Level 1/2/3) covers critical tickets in rota
  • Eynav uses a “Managed Call Center” to get the critical tickets from customers
  • Critical incidents are defined as cases that cause a revenue loss or service damage


  • Our goal is to fix problems before they affect the customer
  • We install manufacturers monitoring applications
  • We act upon alerts from the monitoring systems based on the severity of the alert

Software Upgrades

  • Eynav’s services cover any ongoing and required upgrades
  • All upgrades (operating system versions, security updates and hardware-firmware versions) are performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • We manage application version-upgrades in partnership with software companies