Modern Point of Sale Systems and How They Can Help Your Hotel

Point of Sale systems

Point-of-sale systems used to be relatively simple programs that tracked and summarized sales, issued invoices and receipts and offered simple reporting functions.
Modern point-of-sales systems can do much more:

Do you know what your customers think of your service? The right POS can collect, summarize and process your guests’ feedback. You can use this information to upgrade or adjust your service offering to match expectations.

How efficient is your service? How long does it take for a dish to be prepared in the kitchen? Would faster communication enable you to serve more customers? The latest POS systems offer Kitchen Display Systems, which can dramatically increase serving efficiency. Orders are sent straight from the menu or serving staff to the kitchen. The kitchen staff notifies the serving staff when an order is ready to be served, and so the customers receive freshly prepared and promptly delivered meals. The collected information of your establishment’s order management can help you determine where you need to improve the food preparation process and serving times.

Do you offer home delivery? The latest POS systems can be extended with a module for online and mobile ordering, enabling you to provide the same level of service given to customers that are eating-in. Your customers can track their orders, and the collected data can be used to identify trends in their behavior, so you can adjust marketing efforts and capitalize on upselling opportunities, and also implement changes and adjustments if required.

How do you check the status of your restaurant? Are you only able to check the main performance indicators? Maybe you also need some offline calculations? Most POS Systems offer Manager/Owner features, which are platform independent and provide you with the latest operational indicators and statistical information on the performance of the selected time period.

How detailed is the analysis of the performance of your restaurants? If you have several properties, can you review the results combined or separately? Is it possible to review orders, labour costs, material costs, margins, analyze periods of high order volume and marketing channels? If not, you may need a POS System with a Business Intelligence module that can provide you with the level of detail you require to enhance your decision making process.

Every restaurant faces periods of higher and lower demand. How do you manage seating? Are your customers able to reserve their favorite table? Your POS System could also include a Table Management Module, with which you can make sure your most loyal customers always sit in their favorite spot. You can also review the turnaround time of your tables, see which ones are the most profitable places and control periods of higher demand more efficiently.

In light of the recent events, would you like to decrease physical contact and provide a safer experience to your guests? How about offering your guests the ability to order and pay from their seats? The latest POS Systems provide applications and extensions to provide a contactless experience, which keeps your guests and staff safe.

Point-of-Sale Systems have dramatically increased in complexity, offering the features mentioned above and many more. Selecting a POS System that does not meet your requirements can result in additional costs and other operational risks that may prove very difficult to mitigate on a daily basis.

We are here in order to help you find the right system for you and support you all the way until after successful implementation. This is what we do best at Eynav Information Technology!

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