Modern Point of Sale Systems and How They Can Help Your Hotel

Point-of-sale systems used to be relatively simple programs that tracked and summarized sales, issued invoices and receipts and offered simple reporting functions. Modern point-of-sales systems can do much more: Do you know what your customers think of your service? The right POS can collect, summarize and process your guests’ feedback. You can use this information […]

Contactless Check-In at Hotels

Technology at the service of customer experience. Social distancing and the need for minimal human interaction due to COVID-19, are perfectly matched with the demand from hotels for faster and easier check-ins. As in many other instances, the solution is rooted in technology. The development of a contactless check-in process meets creates healthy and hygiene […]

Taking the vineyard* into the cloud

In January 2020, the Kerem exclusive hotels chain added Elma, an arts complex luxury hotel, to its chain. They’ve found themselves with two separate IT environments that were extremely inefficient and hard to manage. Eynav has managed the IT services for Elma during the past 7 years, with a remarkably high level of customer satisfaction. […]

The challenge of multiple passwords

One password is not a problem, but using a lot of different ones… that can be challenging. I want to share with you my personal opinion on the challenge of keeping multiple passwords safe. First, let’s all agree that:  Your brain is the safest space for passwords. You shouldn’t write down passwords, and definitely don’t […]